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A most meteorological moment

I give you, here, Bunny relaying his conversation with a Forecaster from The Bureau of Meteorology.

Au Pair is complaining because it has been raining for 5 days and she can't do her laundry. Sometimes she says the incessant rain gives her 'afraid nerves'. I have no idea why her nerves are afraid, but then, Au Pair has been known to utter the strangest things. Like, just the other day she said she had egg on her face. I couldn't see any sign of egg. Yes, the odd blemish or two, but no egg. Perhaps I can amend the situation in the morning at breakfast. However, I digress. Back to the issue of the rainfall and her afraid nerves.

I wanted to make Au Pair's nerves not be afraid, so I called the weatherman and ordered some nice weather for her. The weatherman said he would see what he could do. While I had him on the line I also asked him a few questions that I have always wanted to know the answers to:

  1. When it rains cats and dogs how do the dogs cope? Everyone knows that cats always land on their feet but what of the poor dogs?

  2. Is it any particular breed of cat or dog that it normally rains? I can imagine most dogs would like the rain but cats don't seem very fussed about getting wet. What breed of cat is most common? I do hope it is not those ones that don't appear to have fur. They are just weird and I do think they would make Au Pair's nerves even more afraid.

  3. Are the cats at least equipped with some sort of wet weather gear? At the very least, an anorak?

  4. Could you name the next cyclone after me? After all, Au Pair often refers to me as a force of nature.

  5. I heard Au Pair once say that Mrs Harris next door was full of wind. Mrs Harris's hair is never windblown, it always looks terribly neat, so how could this be? Should I ask Mrs Harris herself?

I did have other questions but the weatherman said he had to go. They must be really busy in that office.

Kind Regards,


The Blight(y)

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