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Fashion, as seen through the eyes of Bunny.

During a spot of cleaning, I discovered this nugget of fashion wisdom from Bunny.

From the desk of Bunny, sometimes referred to as Bad Bunny by Au Pair. For the record, I'm not really bad, just misunderstood and often in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It has come to my attention that Au Pair has decided I need to have a more consistent style and look. This does not sit well with me, as you see surely 'tis only I, of all the folk who reside under this cottage roof, who has an innate sense of style. Ok, yes, Au Pair was once complimented upon as being stylish by her very best friend, but really? At the time she was donning a particularly conservative plaid skirt (Burberry, I believe, and come on people, it's beige. BEIGE!) and a particularly olive pair of wellies.

And, you see, although Madame Coco Chanel was seen as the very doyenne of all things chic and stylish, I do believe this was a media hype up, for who in their right mind could believe that putting everything you wish to wear on, and then taking one thing off would lead to one being the most stylish version of themselves. We all know there is nothing to make one quite the fashionista as an excess of excess.

Yes, you may want to wear your truly bewitching pea coat with your lovely tunic frock, but of course it would not be complete without the addition of fairy wings and some spotty tights. And of course a pair of striped wellies. (Even Jamie Oliver, Au Pair's secret boyfriend, wears them and he's got his own TV show.) And no buck in his right mind would step out of the cottage donning just a pair of braced pants and an argyle sweater. Surely a superhero mask and socks and sandals (with braced pants tucked in said socks) can only improve the outfit taking one’s style barometer through the roof. So you see, with all due respect Au Pair, and indeed Mme Chanel, I think you may be a little overestimating your abilities in the style department, and in doing so attempting to quash my instinctive style brilliance with your average ideas. The public deserve more when they see me stepping out. For you see, 'tis me they do adore and take sage fashion advice from. Me. Bunny. Style Guru. Fahionista Extraordinaire. Me. Bunny. Me. (PS. I wouldn't go criticising my 'get up' today Au Pair. I think your outfit could do with a little more thought! Those shoes do not match your bag at all.)

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